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There is no irreconcilable contradiction between the property company and the owner

There is no irreconcilable contradiction between the property company and the owner

Due to the late start of property management, property services are not standardized, not in place, so there have been many property conflicts and property disputes, but this does not mean that the contradiction between property companies and only can not be reconciled. Because the management system can be changed, the personnel can be changed, and the others can't change and negotiate. Originally, the property company and the owner should not have a particularly big contradiction, but the reality is that many contradictions end up pointing to the property company, so the refusal to pay the property management fee has become the "killer" of some owners.

Some consumers have such a strange mentality. They think that after buying a house, the best way to protect their rights and interests seems to be the one left – no property management fees. Take property management fees to vent your dissatisfaction and resolve all contradictions encountered.

Even if things are resolved, or because of a bad attitude or a long time, they can be used as a reason for not paying fees. The "reasons" for refusing to pay property management fees are mixed up and varied. Some are because of the quality of the house, the greening and design are unreasonable; some have different opinions on the same service but the payment is different; some are because there are contradictions in the neighborhood, the decoration causes leakage, the noise disturbs the neighbors, etc.; some are because the property company service is not in place. Or indiscriminate charging; there are also comparisons of herd mentality, all of which are common.

According to statistics, in some residential quarters, some charge rates are around 80%, and some after-sales houses are only 10%. The collection rate of property management fees is low, which is no longer a secret. In order to collect property management fees, the property company has racked its brains and spent too much time and energy.

Therefore, in real life, there is a phenomenon: a property with high level of property management services, high property management fees, and a high collection rate of property management fees; a community with low level of property management services, no matter how low the fees, property management The collection rate of fees is also low. This is sufficient to fully explain that the level of property management services is directly proportional to the collection rate of property management fees.

The cost of acquired compensation is always greater than the congenital maintenance

Now some owners do not pay the fee as soon as they find the problem, and everyone does not pay the fee. The property company also continues to serve. This creates a concept that is not right to pay, and whoever pays is stupid. On the surface, the property company is the victim, but the biggest victim is actually the majority of the owners. The direct consequence of the arrears is that the property company is responsible for recovering the property management fees, wasting the time and energy of the management staff, and degrading the quality of the property services. On the other hand, one person owes money, and everyone, the collection of property fees is difficult, and the comparison is more psychological. Many people owe money, which makes it difficult to preserve and increase the value of the property.

There is such a project in Beijing. The property company has brought the owner to court. The owner not only paid all the fees, but also charged the equipment fee. Because the equipment in the community lacks maintenance, the fire protection system and the safety system are all broken and need to be re-installed. The money is ultimately borne by the owners.

Management services have a price and borders

After the owner buys a house and pays the property management fee, he should of course receive the corresponding service. The service is correct, but all services are limited, all management is limited, and it is impossible to do anything. Just like if you bought a plane on an airplane, the airline will serve you and you will not be allowed to call the phone. As far as property management is concerned, the level and the fees are absolutely proportional. It is impossible to have value-added services. There is no quality and cheap service. Property management is a service, service is soft, can be changed, can be improved, but what can't be changed is the house that the developer has built. The level of property management is high, and it is difficult to solve the quality problems left over from the construction process. The problem already exists. Who can the owner find without looking for a property company?

It is said that the developer's problem is not an excuse for the contradiction between the property company and the owner. There are indeed quite a lot of disputes between the property management and the owner, which are actually from the developer. Disputes between the property company and the owner, disputes between the developer and the owner should be treated separately, handled separately, not together, and legally resolved.

Sometimes it also requires mandatory management

Such as parking problems. There are parking spaces on the ground and underground. The underground parking spaces are expensive. Everyone likes to stop on the ground. The ground is not enough. The owners do not consciously abide by the order of the first arrival, the property company compulsory management, and decide who can stop and who can not stop. This creates contradictions. At the same time, the public awareness of the owners should be promoted. Individual needs should be subject to the needs of the public, and the rules of the community should not change due to one's dissatisfaction. Only with public awareness can individual rights be respected by most people.

There are still disputes to improve service quality

Property management is a low-profit industry, and the variables that deal with market risks are very limited. Today's property management is a labor-intensive rather than technology-intensive industry, and anyone can do it. In fact, there are many disputes due to professional quality.

For real estate developers, self-construction is easy to make promises when selling, but due to lack of experience, there will be many sequelae. Therefore, developers should choose an experienced property management company to manage the property. Most property companies have a good service attitude, but the quality of service is poor. Just like buying a mobile phone, the lady has a good attitude but can't say anything. Now more is to improve the quality of service. The service level of the property company does increase.

Can't do it, can't give up the law

One property company has already played 26 lawsuits, and each game will win. It is understood that the vast majority of litigation cases related to property management are related to the arrears of property management fees, and such a lawsuit, the property company is a must-win. Because as long as the property company implements property management, it is not an arbitrary charge, the court will award the owner the money, and the owner's "reason" will be resolved separately.

However, for such a law-abiding lawsuit, the property company does not want to fight, and always wants to solve it by other means. Sometimes the lawsuit can recover justice, but it can't find the cost of time and effort paid for the lawsuit. The arrears of the lawsuit, put the owners on the opposite side, hurt the feelings, sometimes not worth the loss, and must be done. This is the real idea of most property companies. They don’t look down when they look up all the time, but they have to go to court, and it’s always difficult to accept them emotionally. There is no summary procedure for a lawsuit such as a small amount of arrears in property management fees. The property company has to go to court, waiting too long, involving too much energy. At the same time, due to the small amount of the target, few lawyers are willing to represent. After the court's decision, the problem of implementation is still there. Insufficient regulations and lack of enforcement are the deep-seated reasons why property companies do not want to go to court.

If the law does not protect justice, extreme practices will certainly rise. Now we can see the incident of the property company hitting the owner. It will also see the incident of the owner playing the company staff, as well as the incident of the owner playing the developer and the booth. I can't rely on it, I can't follow the law, but I can't believe the law because of this. We should promote the spirit of the rule of law. No matter what happens, we cannot give up the law because the law does not work. If there are still problems that cannot be solved by law, then we should revise and improve the law.

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