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Explore property services, operations, management

Explore property services, operations, management

Property is a special service industry. He is a tangible and intangible service body. It is the work of the old traditional habits and the handover of new social services. The understanding of the service between the server and the serviced person is not very thorough. So there are many unnecessary problems. These problems have caused many conflicts between the property company and the landlord. In the service process, first of all, most of the property companies do not know much. Roughly think that as long as the service is good, you can get the approval of the owner. In this kind of service without positioning and no degree, the property is put into a dead end, so that the property company machinery fulfills the work of property service. Reluctant to make a living. In the maintenance, I have to engage in some illegal and profitable business. The contradiction is made more prominent, so correctly understanding the service, management, and management is a problem that the property company must take seriously, and it is also a subject that must be carefully studied. Only when the knowledge is correct can the property work be done well.

First, property services

1. Positioning.

For the understanding of the service, the property company should correctly understand the property service on the basis of it. The property company is a life service unit and is a complex service group. He is all old faces in 24 hours, is the job of the same service content, different shops, hotels and other service places. Always work hard in the range of benefits, stimuli, comfort, demand, and quality. The customer base is also constantly changing, making people feel very fresh, and the work of the property is repeating everything every day. It is always an old problem, and it must be accurate in positioning. So how can we accurately locate it? There is now a saying that the owners are God, and some owners also consider themselves to be God. Therefore, inequality between each other becomes the starting point of contradiction. Due to the location of the unequal property personnel do not dare to treat the owners equally. Some owners do not want to let people, even unreasonable and also stir three points, making property work very difficult. First of all, God's statement is very incorrect and suspected of deception. The owner is God, then the property staff is a slave. We say that the owners can't do God, and the property owners don't recognize them as slaves. Then contradictions arise. These are caused by inaccurate positioning of the two sides. The work of human beings under normal circumstances is different in division of labor. There is no distinction between high and low. Any work of the owner in society is to create wealth for human beings or to serve human beings. In the case of contracting, the property company is also a The community or several communities do housekeeping-style property services. The property company has a complete and normal working environment for the safety of all the owners, and strives to do service work, which relieves some of the worries of the owners. Therefore, it is completely two equal services and services. So how does the property company treat the owners? Because the service of the property is a kind of stewardship service in life, the treatment of people is also varied. Therefore, it is necessary to treat them with brothers and sisters, buddies and friends, and their loved ones, so that they can achieve good service and be honest with their brothers and sisters. Wait, the buddy friends must be arbitrarily inserted in the framework of the law, and treat their loved ones with all their heart and soul. Only when equality and mutual benefit are achieved and the positioning of both parties is accurate can the service be completed. Treat brothers and sisters to have one to say one, two to say two, what can be done, not to do anything to be clear, but to be implemented, to achieve the rest assured, never say empty words, for buddy friends at critical times In the emergencies such as fires, floods, thefts, and robs, it is necessary to be brave in the laws and industry rules, and to be the protection guards of the owners. To treat a loved one is to say that the owner’s problem must be treated with the attitude of the loved one to deal with the problem. It is a problem solved by the property company. It is not a problem solved by the property company. It is necessary to help the owner to find a solution or to notify the owner's family to solve it in time. In short, the property company has to deal with the problem in three ways. It is not what the owner wants to hear, what the owner thinks about what the property does. There is no equality in that. In the community service, we must treat it separately, adhere to the principle, explain the truth, and conscientiously implement it before we can be a qualified property person.

2. Moderate service issues.

People have high and low levels, things are big and small, things are long and short, and there are problems in doing service work. In the property service, security, cleaning, greening and engineering maintenance work are usually carried out. The general city has the service standards of the property company. The property company can do it, but in the specific service, it must be clear what is its own work, what is not its own work, what is the work that can be done, what is the work that cannot be done, what is familiar with itself. Work, what is a job that you are not familiar with, you must not swell your face and become fat, do not know how to understand, causing unnecessary influence and loss. It is best to implement the prescribed service standards slightly higher than the self-executive standards. This can have an advantage in the contract, and can also communicate effectively with the owner. It is not the scope of work or the implementation of standards. The property should be treated with caution. It is not impossible to do it, but how to do it, or to do it after learning. Enable companies to avoid rapid risk development. Our degree of speaking is the scale of our own quality, energy, effort, and limits. Crossing is going to be a problem. We talked about a female owner who brought a lot of things home. After entering the community, after the guards saw it, they took the initiative to help the female owner to pick up the things home. When the door came to the door, the female owner said thank you. Put things here, then the guards should say that you are welcome, you can leave when you let go, this is the degree. If the escort is very enthusiastic, it is possible to make the female owner feel uncomfortable if it is necessary to refer things to the room. Because all parts of your family are private and you don't want others to see or enter, your enthusiasm is beyond the acceptance of the other party. This shows that the property training is not in place, the quality of the staff is poor, and then a paid service, an owner reported that the indoor water is blocked, the property company said that the paid service owner agreed, the property engineering staff arrived at the scene with the necessary tools, after inspection, the owner The toilet in the room was blocked, and the owner was asked to find a stool. Then the dredging machine was placed on it to start dredging. After the completion of the pass, the water test was very smooth, because the owner of the community only received one-fifth of the market price. The owners are very grateful. The engineer received the tool and returned to the company. Then the owner called and reported that the engineering staff left. When he scrubbed the toilet, he found that the 50,000-yuan multi-purpose toilet was scratched by the wire of the dredging machine and could not be washed. . First of all, we analyze this matter. The property is paid service. No matter how much money you charge, what is the mentality, but the result is that the property company must be responsible, which will bring unnecessary losses to the property company. Therefore, it is impossible to do things that do not have the conditions, and the quality of personnel cannot meet the requirements. Therefore, we must master the problems of medium service and must not do things that we do not understand or are unclear.

Second, operating

Any enterprise is for profit. As a property company, the profit is very small, so it is necessary to study the business project very seriously. The property company established by the developer is mostly a loss-making enterprise because of his positioning problem. 1. Because his property company is the developer's after-sales maintenance unit, it is to resolve the contradiction between the developer and the owner, so the cost is relatively large. 2. In order to create the brand of the development project, lay the foundation for the future project, the investment is particularly large, the sea tactics are adopted, and the service is beyond the scope of the property, but the time is not too long, generally 3-5 years. This has created great difficulties for the service and operation of future properties. After 5 years, various equipments and houses in the community began to have various problems. If the service is continued, it will be difficult to manage and operate, so the developer will choose to withdraw.

Pure commercial property companies generally receive service communities that are old communities. Houses and equipment have problems in varying degrees. Due to the chaotic service concept caused by the different purposes of the previous property services, the treatment of commercial property employees is relatively low, making business The property company has a very difficult process in the service, but through efforts to gradually put the property on a normal cycle in service. In particular, we must adhere to our own service concept in our service, management, and management. Seriously study the problem of the community, treat different communities, and come up with different methods.

The general situation is:

(1) There are problems with the quality of the owners.

(2) Owners' economic problems

(3) There are ethnic living habits

(4) Thoughts on traditional understanding problems

(5) Whether there are any excavable aspects of the facilities and layout of the community

(6) More important is the standard of property fees, there is no possibility of improvement

 The new community can make property fees based on the current price and the expenses incurred. The old community is the property fee that was set in the past. Over time, prices and labor have risen to varying degrees, while property fees have It is difficult to rise. Due to the different interests of the property company and the owner, most of the owners want to enjoy the good service with the existing expenses. They do not want the property company to raise the property fee. In the case that the property fee cannot be improved, the property company Must be a good study, to see the problems of the previous property company, the work arrangement is unreasonable, there are parts that we can refine to compress the cost, and most property companies simply think that to serve well, there must be enough The cost of use, the use of manpower does not have a specific index, and the existing guidance documents of the property have no clear workload. In particular, what kind of service standards are used to perform the workload, the property companies themselves have the final say, then the amount of work that is understood by management or self-experience is more reliable, and most property companies generally It is based on the arrangement of other company personnel to make arrangements for the company's personnel, or to use human tactics to complete the workload. Therefore, it is particularly important to understand the operation. It is necessary to formulate a specific business plan based on the specific conditions of the community. That is to say, we must focus on the six factors mentioned above and the shortcomings of the previous property, according to the specific workload. Only by formulating a business plan can we achieve the purpose of operation.

 In particular, personnel arrangement is a very important part. Employing people is a level of work and the hardest job. The workload that a person can bear and the mentality at work are very important. Therefore, management must use people fundamentally, and cannot simply use people in matters. If everything is used in business, the company will be introduced. It is impossible to operate in a passive situation. So what is the basic use of people? First of all, we must understand the fundamentals of people, whether it is male or female workers, the size of the age, his background of life, his needs, and then according to the positioning of the service community, enroll the corresponding manpower, do business training, let them understand the service community The actual situation, the relationship between the company and the employees depends on each other, inspiring their work instinct, so that the work is functioning properly, the system must be detailed, strict and reasonable. Special attention is paid to the system of human feelings. It is not allowed to work without the thoughts of the employees. It is necessary to tell everyone in the business conditions of some communities. Let them know the difficulties in management. If the work is not in place, the company may not develop. You have to find a job again and use emotions and regulations to manage it. Therefore, every employee must know the importance of his work. Execute the tasks to be completed in each link, so that the enterprise can stand firm and achieve the desired purpose of the operation.

Third, management

1. Organization and management

When it comes to management, the first thing to consider is the complete system. Therefore, property companies are learning advanced management systems everywhere, and they use their own management without thinking, so that various management links can not be implemented or passed through, so that there is no obvious improvement in management. The person also feels particularly tired. In fact, the management is particularly esoteric. According to the nature of the managed project, the size of the project, the population, the building and the equipment, the district should be more rationally positioned and then develop a management plan. It is not an advanced management method that can sit back and relax, but it is necessary to arrange various links and personnel according to the conditions of the community. Not many people are better, sometimes people can't play a good role. For example, if a monk has water to eat, and the monk has more to eat without water, he has to arrange the work to something that he has no time to use, but it is not to let the staff keep working, tired and straightforward, but to guide The staff thinks about the work, discusses the depth of the work, has the feeling of being the master, must study every aspect of the work, the security personnel arrangement, the cleaning workload, the greening technology, the requirements and the management area needs The number of people, making reasonable and practical working time arrangements, inspiring the deep enthusiasm of human nature, making people profitable, enthusiastic, and adapting to the local conditions of the organization, enough to fully play the leading role of people, not The bigger the organization, the better. It is not the formal management mode of each management project. It is based on the project situation, drawing on the history of human development in history, taking the management methods of practical projects to maximize the benefits, so the regulations are formulated. It must be combined with the actual situation, simple and easy to operate, especially practical, and achieve the effect of management, is very good regulations, not very advanced Very sound, very detailed very well, there must be human nature rub in content regulation, the effect is very good, the management play its due role.

2. Environmental management

Each community has its own characteristics, and there is an optimized integration process after the property is taken over. According to the cost of the community, the quality of personnel, and the hardware environment, a reasonable and practical management plan should be formulated. In the formulation, the residents' committee, the industry committee and the community should have the power to influence the owners, and seriously do the work of the problem owners, and strive to achieve the goal and improve. Optimize management, then what is optimization management? It is to minimize the difficulty of community management and fully exert the energy of people. Formulate a reasonable patrol route and direction. Change frequently to ensure safety. As a property manager, it is important to know that there are problems in the existing environment, and it is necessary to optimize and integrate it. There are strict considerations from manpower, material resources and workload. Whether the original greening situation is easy to manage and what is the growth situation, what kind of adjustment should be made to achieve economical management objectives, and from the integration of the environment, the purpose of practically reducing costs is achieved.

3 device management.

The quality of the community equipment determines the strength and management level of the property, that is to say whether the foundation of the property is solid or not, whether the equipment is operating normally and whether the management is complete. There are generally two types of equipment in the community, one is the equipment managed by the industry department. The property is a function of assistance, and the other is the property management equipment. As a property company, it has a good understanding of these equipments. Those should be checked regularly, those should be regularly maintained, those that are scheduled for regular maintenance should be carefully arranged, and a serious record should be made. The owner has a serious explanation and the property is also a good upgrade. If the project of Dazhong repair needs to use the maintenance fund, it must be carefully checked, the maintenance situation, the construction time of the project, whether it meets the maintenance standard, who is responsible, whether it has the right to use the maintenance fund, and if necessary, the application for the maintenance fund can be fulfilled. program. If there is no warranty period or product quality problem, it is necessary to contact the responsible unit for active treatment. It is the equipment responsible for the property. The property should be classified, the quantity of equipment, the time of maintenance, the frequency of inspection, and the implementation should be carried out carefully. Equipment, in their maintenance and repair, should be on site to check and learn, to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, no safety problems, while strictly assessing the responsibility of the engineering staff, and technical level, to achieve property management

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