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WeChat, the base of the property service brand

WeChat, the base of the property service brand

To this day, the influence of WeChat has not been underestimated. From the beginning, the unfamiliarity is unwilling to accept this new thing, and now it has become an irreplaceable lifestyle for people. I have to feel the ingenuity of modern people and have to feel the rapid development of modern technology. Up to now, 600 million users have used WeChat and kept growing. The most popular Weibo platform has also been smashed by WeChat. In the user base, WeChat puts more emphasis on the proportion of high-end business people and has done QQ10. The high-end of the year was not realized; the authoritative media also began to compromise on the influence of WeChat, and the QR code appeared on TV screens and newspapers and magazines; even the government departments such as CCTV News, China Southern Airlines and Guangzhou Public Security The public subscription number was set up. When Ban Ki-moon visited China, he also used his WeChat public account to communicate with users... These facts all shaped the influence of WeChat.

I remember that during the Spring Festival this year, the author's family of three was on his way to Xi'an Airport. Because the northwestern area had been snowy for several days, the highway was almost closed and he could only change to the national highway to the airport. It is difficult to drive on the road due to snow on the road. It is only two hours away from the boarding regulations, and there are also nearly 150 kilometers. Under the influence of force majeure and other unfavorable factors, only the phone contacted the airline customer service to carry out the flight change, the phone could not enter, and the time spent watching the minute passed. Otherwise, the caller hears that "the operator is busy, please wait..." At this moment, perhaps more is waiting for the ticket to be "discarded." Again and again, anxious and helpless, let you be more aware of the word "no hope", and you have already met unexpectedly. "Liu Huaming Mingyi Village" suddenly remembered that it was not already concerned about the official WeChat of "Southern Airlines"! Try it and you should find the answer! After repeated use of the "Southern Airlines" official WeChat, enter "my order", follow the prompts to successfully handle the flight change ... ... really, just such a small operation, saved nearly 10,000 yuan of ticket losses.

Therefore, it is no exaggeration to position WeChat as "a lifestyle."

WeChat is already a self-media for property services

WeChat has indeed changed the habits of many people. What's more interesting is that it can be operated, so it is also changing our marketing habits. As a property management industry, it has been “formatted” into every aspect of the industry. According to incomplete statistics, as of the end of March 2014, the “micro” era of the property management industry has begun to take off. After the author tried to search using WeChat, there were about 299 property management industry units that started the WeChat public account. Property companies: Vanke Property, Poly Property, Great Wall Property, Lotus Property, Zhenhao Property, etc., about 127.

WeChat is the base of the property service brand

Some property service companies have already launched the WeChat platform. Due to their usage rate, users who subscribe and pay attention are not active enough. After a deep and thoughtful analysis of the problem, and realize that the enterprise lacks the brand, the lack of trust, the lack of interconnection and reciprocity with the owners. Imagine if your customers don't accept your brand and don't trust you, your sales will only make customers resent. WeChat, as a pure communication tool for property services, the dialogue between merchants, businesses and owners is private and does not need to be made public, so the intimacy is higher, you can try to do something that truly meets the needs and personalization of the owners. To promote the "cloud docking" of property services and industry, and strive to solve the owners' demands.

As a property service company, WeChat should be regarded as the base for the long-term development of the corporate brand strategy. To strengthen the advantage, attract more owners to become your ordinary fans, and then turn ordinary fans into loyal fans through content and communication. Property management brand, build trust, he will naturally become your loyal customer. In the process of practice, the corresponding human resources and promotion costs are saved, and the promotion ability of enterprise services is also improved. Let the owner subscribe to it by public number or QR code. With group and geographical control, accurate message push is achieved, directly targeting the target owner. Through the personal attention page and the circle of friends, through the promotion and promotion of the word-of-mouth of the owner, the corporate brand communication can be realized. For the promotion of services, the standardization operation of the whole process has not only reduced the expenses, but also retained the intrinsic consumers, constantly stimulated the consumers, and expanded the demand of the owners, while improving the property service development capability.

Application of WeChat in the promotion of brand image in property service

According to the actual situation of the property service enterprise, the liaison station is established according to the service platform that realizes the customized function menu, so that the property service guarantee is more standardized and programmed, and the operation and operation can be carried out through the following aspects.

First, you can customize the menu according to the needs of the property service enterprise, including: company introduction, corporate culture, community environment, industry information, star butler, notice announcement, repair service, fee payment, micro-living information, value-added services Development. Through these functions, the owner can communicate with the property service company more conveniently and create a harmonious living environment.

Second, micro-activity, using the strong interactivity of WeChat, through the careful planning of interactive processes, links and methods, the use of various planning activities to achieve interaction with the owners. Including the lucky big turntable promotion module, WeChat voting, new draft and other functional modules to change the owner's impression of the property service companies.

Third, the establishment of one-touch dialing and one-button navigation, improve the information management capabilities of the property service center, reduce personnel communication costs, improve service efficiency, timely information on business personnel, better serve community owners.

At present, WeChat has penetrated into all walks of life, especially in property service companies. As a service-oriented enterprise, it needs to be regarded as a platform for customer service. It should be based on optimizing services and reducing application procedures. The actual needs of the owners, and strive to take the actual action of property services as the starting point, so that the WeChat customer service platform in the specific practice is closer to the needs of the owners.

In the future, e-commerce is competing for the market. The closer to the daily life of people's livelihood, the easier it is to create a piece of its own life. Using its own resources to create a service advantage, it will greatly promote the improvement of the property service brand and the life of the owner.

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